Crippled is a collaboration between Jaakko Tenhunen and DJ Dinnermoney. It combines handbalancing, pole acrobatics and dynamic movement material with a live soundtrack to form a 25 minute whole.

Crippled is a headspace, a space where fatigue, and frustration are used as sources of energy. A space where illusions of grandeur are relished and given room to grow. The movement material itself has an uncompromising, unapologetic, relentless quality. It is unpolished and rough around the edges.

Deep basses and distorted beats created live through old analog equipment, support the intense physicality further.

The first three performances were done in the top room of an old, partly derelict Victorian building turned art-studio. 'Crippled' will always be adapted to the space it is performed in and therefore remains a site-specific performance, regardless of the location.

Photos KF9